June 11 & 12, 2015 ⋅ Pittsburgh, PA

Our Speakersfor Pittsburgh Web Design Day 2015

Conflict is the Key to Great UX

It's time to kick all of the elephants out of the room.

Letting go of preconceived notions is a requisite skill for creating whole-hearted user experiences. In his talk, Steve will help you look at your current projects through a vulnerable lense to see imperfections, pre-empt design oversights, and let go of personal defense mechanisms that interfere with the creative process. This session will give you the tools to free project teams to express true creativity, to bond, and to connect at a deeper level with each other and the people using our products and designs.

About Steve Fisher

Steve is the founder and content nerd-herder at The Republic of Quality. He leads the charge on coordinating research, design, and content strategy. Steve has more than 18 years experience in research, business strategy, experience strategy, visual and interaction design, and content strategy for the web. During this time he has worked both as an independent consultant and served as director of user experience in various agency and studio settings.

He now runs his own consultancy. Steve is a professional member of the Graphic Designer's Society of Canada and served as the national VP of web for three years. Beyond his extensive client-based work, he has taught numerous college courses on CSS, Web standards, UX, creativity, and content strategy. He also loves Twitter (maybe a little too much). His twitter handle is @hellofisher, or you can find him at republicofquality.com.


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